The Coffee House Experience

I started this YouTube channel to discuss (in Bengali) different topics of my interest. The guests are usually my friends. I try to keep the discussion at an informal level (a.k.a. Adda in Bengali). If you’re wondering about the name of the channel, please visit the College Street Coffee House and explore its connection with Adda.

This is purely an amateur effort, which I try to pursue only when I am really interested to talk to someone on something and I have enough time to spare. In other words, the frequency of uploads will be sporadic at best 😉

I hope these discussions will be helpful for some, and will be glad if you leave constructive comments on how to improve.

Episode#1 [video]

In this episode I talked with Anujit Chakraborty, Assistant Prof. of Economics at University of California, Davis. The discussion focuses on several topics related to Economics, broadly categorized into five parts:

  • Part-1: From Engineering to Economics
  • Part-2: Behavioral Economics
  • Part-3: Economic Decline of West Bengal
  • Part-4: Economic Impact of Covid-19 in India
  • Part-5: Public Education in India

Episode#2 [video]

In this episode I talked with Pratish Datta, a mathematician, specialized in the area of Cryptography. The discussion mostly focused onto his amazing journey as a visual impaired mathematician. We also talked about the tools and technology he uses to perform research and his vision in life.

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