Program Committees

I have served/am serving in the program committees of the following conferences:

Indocrypt 2019
SPACE 2019
TCC 2019
PKC 2019
SPACE 2018
TCC 2017
Asiacrypt 2017
ProvSec 2017
Indocrypt 2015


At VISA Research I have (co-) mentored/am mentoring the following interns:

Selected Invited Talks

Reviews (External)

I reviewed papers for Crypto(’15,’16,’17,’18,’19), Eurocrypt(’13,’16,’17,’18,’19,’20), IEEE S&P Oakland (’18), Asiacrypt(’13,’14,’15,’16,’18), TCC(’13,’16-A,’16-B,’18), ICALP(’17), PKC(’14,’15,’16,’17,’18), SCN(’16), Indocrypt(’11,’16), Africacrypt(’14), IWSEC(’13,’14), Inscrypt (’13), IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (’16), IEICE Journal (’16), Design Codes and Cryptography (’16,’18), Journal of Cryptology (’18).